Gender diversity is equitable or fair representation of people of different genders across all levels of the firm.

Sia Partners UK is taking the lead in establishing the Women@SiaPartners Club. This club is a global initiative that we formed in January 2019 to address gender diversity in the workplace. Our ambition is to recruit, develop and promote women.  We are also looking at our group policies and culture with a view to engraining gender diversity through the company. Our ambition put simply is to improve our diversity numbers in the firm and also to make sure we have a conscious approach to this activity. Sia Partners must be equally appealing to women and men. To ensure we succeed at this we are building a business case that identifies best practice, determines the ‘as is’ situation at Sia Partners globally, and recommends new policies, actions and targets. In the UK we are making progress. Our monthly breakfasts – pictures below – are a good way of ensuring we stay active and on track. These healthy breakfasts give everyone an opportunity to discuss progress and ideas within a safe, non judgemental space. Our graphic below shows the scale of our ambition here in the UK.

One of the most interesting and unexpected aspects that I have seen coming from our work is that it benefits men and women. Our new policies cover areas such as wellness and work life balance, and these benefit everyone. There will be much more information coming your way in the next month. In the meantime please contact me if you have any questions.