The Transformation Hub

The Transformation Hub is a powerful, interactive, online platform with best practice methods, tools and templates developed for our clients to design and deliver transformation programmes. The Transformation Hub provides access to an integrated suite of toolkits and resources covering six core transformation service areas we focus on for clients – Business Strategy Development, Operating Model, Organisation Design, Change Management, PMO and Programme Management.

Each transformation toolkit contains:

  • A brief introduction to the toolkit including key concepts and the rationale for using it
  • Detailed methodologies underpinning the toolkit with supporting resources
  • Step by step practical guides, tools and templates to deliver each step of the methodology

Additionally, it also includes case studies and insights across all six transformation areas based on the application of the methodology and tools in real life situations.

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How will the Transformation Hub benefit your business

Used in conjunction with our consulting services, the Transformation Hub can benefit your organisation in the following ways:

  • Provide a repeatable and detailed set of methodologies to deliver business transformation or components of change projects in a consistent way
  • Raise the internal capabilities of your people to diagnose, structure and deliver key components or entire aspects of transformation programmes consistently
  • Reduce dependency on and cost of third-party suppliers to help deliver your transformation programmes
  • Reduce the time for your people to reach competence and accelerate learning and deployment of best practice on key transformation topics
  • Help enhance the reputation and build confidence of your transformation teams
  • Improve the quality and consistency of transformation solutions across your firm

For one client, implementing the Organisation Design Toolkit within their organisation resulted in a ROI of approximately 350% in the first 40 weeks.

Sia Partners UK Director

Case Study

We worked with an Oil and Gas Super Major to build its internal capability for delivering organisation design projects in a consistent way across all areas of the business.

We worked with senior HR executives and Transformation leaders to define a best practice approach and structure for doing organisation design aligned to the business context. Using our Organisation Design toolkit, we codified tools and methodologies fit for the organisation to deliver organisation design. We then developed a structured training course that took users from a baseline of limited or no experience and knowledge to a proficient to advanced level of knowledge of delivering organisation design projects.

This resulted in

  • Improved consistency in the way that Organisation Design was delivered across the organisation.
  • Increased the capability of staff to undertake organisation design projects using the standard methodology and the understanding developed through the training.
  • Increased staff confidence to undertake and lead organisation design projects, reducing the spend on external support to deliver organisation design.

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