Sia Partners UK Digital Series: The Adaptive Operating Model – Is digital at the top of your c-suite agenda?

Digital technologies, approaches and mind-sets are everywhere, across all markets, touching every conceivable interaction that a business may have with its customer base and employees.


Having a clear digital differentiator has become a critical source of competitive advantage. Consequently, businesses around the globe are reshaping their organisations and the supporting functions as well as transforming the level and type of engagement with customers to take advantage of the possibilities presented by the ‘internet of things’, advanced analytics as well as the automation of workflows – RPA is here today, AI is around the corner. Being slow to act and unresponsive is not an option.

Three years ago, today’s technologies were a pipedream – now selecting the right ones can be a game changer and making the right investment selection can be overwhelming, given the possibilities on offer.

So, what do you do? It is no secret. Companies need to invest the time in being even sharper in their visioning statements, translating this into the capabilities they require to deliver that vision and then making the right, informed choices as to where investments in technology – amongst other factors – are going to yield the greatest returns. You need an effective approach that balances out the needs of the ‘here and now’ with a vision for what happens next and what your next play will be. There needs to be a plan that delivers practical steps and changes that the company can absorb and considers everything from the customer experience, to data and analytics though to how the talent and culture supports the operating model’s success. Starting off in the wrong direction can be expensive and may disrupt business, though not in the way you may have intended!

Sia Partners UK Digital Series The Adaptive Operating Model – Is digital at the top of your c-suite agenda

At Sia Partners, we have a tried and tested methodology, delivered by multidisciplinary teams from across our service lines, for analysing your business and working with you to develop the most appropriate operating model options. We have created a diagnostic specifically to rapidly pinpoint sources of complexity (organisational, operational and digital) and flush out rapid, targeted, pragmatic solutions that will yield opportunities for revenue growth and EBITDA returns that will outstrip the competition.