Quantum Commercialisation

Helping companies create quantum impact today

We help unlock game changing business value today, through enabling a needs driven adoption of quantum technologies across industries 

Sia Partners Quantum Expertise


Our Quantum Team

Charlie Curtis

Head of Growth and Innovation

Charlie leads Growth and Innovation for Sia Partners, advising leadership teams from global corporates and scale-ups across sectors including Aerospace & Defence, Healthcare, Telco and Financial Services. Coming from a corporate strategy background Charlie focuses on delivering positive commercial outcomes from any investment in innovation.

Vishal Shete

Head of Quantum Commercialisation

Vishal leads Quantum Commercialisation, advising large technology firms on how monetise their innovations today. Developed commercially viable businesses by applying near-term Quantum Technologies to solve real world problems, for example, in drug discovery (Healthcare), reverse stress testing (Financial Services), automated process optimisation (Industrial Manufacturing) and resource optimisation (Oil & Gas).

Svetlana Jefimova

Senior Consultant

Karan Pinto

Senior Consultant

Susan Liu

Senior Consultant

Lucinda Goldklang

Senior Consultant

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Topic: Driving commercial use of quantum technologies today

Sia Partners Quantum Tech

Our Offering

How we help Technology Firms

Looking to commercialise your quantum technologies today?

We help identify the most valuable use cases for your technologies (e.g. Quantum Inspired, Quantum Annealing, etc) and develop commercially viable businesses to capture these opportunities

How we help Corporates

Looking to create value from quantum technologies today?

We help understand the most impactful applications of near-term Quantum Technologies and prepare for disruption from the true Quantum Computing


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