Consultancy For The Energy & Utilities Sector

The Energy and Utilities sector is experiencing change on a number of fronts.

The introduction of Smart Meters provides both opportunities and challenges. Energy and water suppliers are under pressure to justify tariffs, price increases and to improve competition and outcomes for consumers. The energy generation sector is also changing. Old fossil fuel fired plants are being decommissioned to be replaced by renewables, nuclear and interconnection.

All this is occurring at a time when the UK is proposed to leave the EU, adding an additional level of uncertainty over the future of the UK’s role in the internal European Energy Market.

The sector is changing rapidly and utilities need experienced advice and assistance to manage this change to achieve the best outcome possible.


At Sia Partners our consultants are experts in the energy and utilities sector. Our business energy consultants work with regulators such as Ofgem and Ofwat to develop new approaches and improve services and outcomes for utilities and consumers. We also work with utilities, assisting in the transformation to “the utility of the future”. A process where we assist with managing the impact of new regulation, develop a vision for the future particularly around consumer services and product development, including the transformation to digital services and products.

Energy & Utilities Consulting Services

We are technical experts with a deep understanding of asset management, markets and trading, smart meter programme management, modelling and regulation. We also have deep expertise in renewable energy consulting, oil and gas, water markets and regulation and infrastructure development. We assist with strategy development, economic and regulatory analysis and programme management. Our consultants work across Europe to assist utilities and regulators with complex challenges.


Sia Partners UK is seeking top talent as follows:
• Energy modelling consultants
• Regulated infrastructure consultants
• Electricity regulation consultants
• Gas regulation consultants
• Water regulation consultants
• Utility of the future experts

Sia Partners UK are a refreshing change compared to many of the larger consulting firms I have worked with over the years. I would not hesitate to recommend Sia Partners UK and to consider future engagements

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