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Sia Partners UK partnered with a leading E&P organisation to help them improve their organisation design and increase staff engagement. Find out what we did...


A growing E&P organisation wanted a strategic partner to support them in two organisation development work streams. The objectives were to:

  • Build capability, methods, and tools to ensure the organisation is appropriately structured, resourced, and capable of delivering its objectives
  • Identify the organisation’s key behaviours and implement mechanisms to nurture and sustain the desired culture

Recent Staff survey results and internal focus groups had identified that the organisation design was not clear and employees did not understand their career development options.   Performance management and appraisal systems were seen as ineffective and the quality of line managers was highly variable with most avoiding “difficult conversations” about behaviours and development needs.



Organisation Design work stream:

To support this workstream we developed a set of OD principles and a high-level operating model to provide the strategic direction for all future OD. We developed a bespoke OD toolkit with a range of tools and templates for on-going use within the organisation and tested the OD toolkit on a live example in the Subsurface function.

Behaviours and Culture work stream:

In order to increase effectiveness we Identified “Moments that Matter” for employees – those disproportionately impacting staff engagement, prepared a behavioural competency framework defining expected behaviours and how they apply to each level in the organisation and updated “people” processes (appraisal, recruitment, learning and development, etc.) based on the behavioural competency framework. We also worked with communications to creatively promote new behaviours.

To support both workstreams, Sia Partners UK also worked alongside the internal HR function to ensure project deliverables were incorporated into the business.


We successfully achieved greater accountability for major processes across the organisation’s value chain and increased clarity of interactions between functions.   A successful pilot of the OD toolkit was carried out within the Subsurface function with internal resource gaining experience in a controlled environment with the support of Sia Partners UK’s OD experts. A Behavioural Competency Framework was embedded into the business, which employees found engaging and this helped managers hold more effective performance discussions and reinforced organisational culture through revised people processes. We also up-skilled HR staff to undertake OD projects using the OD toolkit and champion the organisation’s new behaviours and culture.

Overall, this resulted in an increase in staff engagement of 8%, verified through a company-wide staff survey.

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