Development of a new operating model

Sia Partners UK worked with a leading E&P organisation to support them with the development of a new operating model. Find out more about how we helped them and what we did...


Our client’s E&P Organisation was designing and implementing a new, ambitious strategy with the aim of doubling existing production volumes, with maximum improvement in profitability. The existing Operating Model was not fit for purpose and would not in its existing state support the projected growth rate that the organisation had set itself. Sia Partners UK was engaged to design and implement a new, robust Operating Model that would ensure one consistent way of working across critical areas of operation, to implement best practice, and promote a culture of responsibility and autonomy.


Sia Partners UK assessed the current Operating Model, including:

  • As-is performance analysis of the corporate centre and operating companies, including their roles, responsibilities and interactions
  • Level of integration and effectiveness of the technical functions across the value chain
  • Effectiveness of the corporate support functions
  • Pain points and quick wins

Sia Partners UK then designed and implemented an effective and fit for purpose Operating Model for the corporate centre and operating companies including organisational structure, governance, and key processes. We implemented quick wins identified during current state analysis and designed and facilitated a series of ‘Brown-paper’ workshops with senior leadership, corporate centre, and operating companies to communicate the Operating Model, clarify areas of uncertainty, and develop further improvements.


A new robust Operating Model was put in place that will, in time, enable the organisation to achieve its strategy. This includes new organisation structure, consistent business processes, a fit for purpose governance framework, performance monitoring and reporting process, and finally a clear view of how the Functions support the business in an efficient and effective way.

We developed a continuous improvement framework that will ensure regular reviews of the Operating Model to identify and implement improvement opportunities and ensure it continues to align to the organisations evolving strategy. We also created a detailed document that describes how the business works on a daily basis in order to achieve its strategy – including defining the interactions and roles and responsibilities of each group within the Organisation. This document was used to communicate the new way of working and Operating Model to all employees.

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