Development of a new growth strategy

Sia Partners UK worked with a global professional services company to support them with the development of a new growth strategy. Find out more about what we did and the impact this had on our client...


Our client, a global professional services company focusing on sustainability, had agreed ambitious sales and enterprise value growth targets with its new investors. Competition in it’s core markets was intensifying and a number of services were becoming commoditised. The company was more focused around its technical practices, not its clients, and had little or no conversations at a senior level.

A new strategy needed to be developed which:

  • Focused on clients and their needs
  • Responded to market developments
  • Addressed different levels within client organisations, including BoD’s
  • Maximised the value of its assets, particularly its people and data
  • Excited and energised staff
  • Drew on the best ideas from across the company



Sia Partners UK applied its strategy development IP and expertise to run a successful strategy creation process. We interviewed senior management and facilitated key meetings, to create alignment around the need for a new strategy and its central theme. This involved implementing a structured process to gather the best ideas from staff, prioritising these and developing robust business cases. Sia Partners UK provided detailed input and support in the following areas:

  • Strategy purpose & storyline development
  • Data & technology approaches
  • Client focused offerings
  • Organisational design
  • Brand
  • Implementation planning


We developed a powerful new strategy that engaged and energised all staff and enabled our client to refocus their organisation around their clients and their needs. We identified and agreed our client’s core priority which was to develop data management and technology capability, and use this to underpin and enhance the client experience. We successfully developed new business models, including a managed services offering and generated exciting new thinking around the evolution of the brand.

Expected benefits by 2020 includes a 100% increase in sales revenue and enterprise value, an improved set of client focused capabilities and a greatly enhanced market presence.

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