Developing a global growth strategy & executing a go-to-market initiative to accelerate the commercialisation of the world’s first quantum inspired technology

In 6 months, we helped Fujitsu launch a new joint venture with a pioneering start-up with the potential to disrupt the pharmaceutical drug discovery market and powered by the Quantum Inspired Digital Annealer.


Fujitsu was looking define a global growth strategy and accelerate business for one of its most promising new advanced technology solutions, the Digital Annealer.

The challenge was to find high value impactful use cases around unmet corporate needs across industries that have the potential to unlock significant value and that could be scaled through setting up the right business models & strategic partnerships.


  • ​We scouted and analysed new opportunities by linking untapped technology potential to true corporate need. 
  • We used our customer led market validation based outside in & inside out approach to identify new & scalable opportunities. We engaged with target customers & end users who experience the need. This ranged from decision makers, innovators and leaders from FTSE 100 companies to leading universities, research institutions and subject matter experts including radiotherapists, traders, airline pilots, ship captains, operations directors, quantum physicists and data scientists
  • We found winning opportunities to prove the technology value added for and co-created PoCs with clients and internal development teams to prove that we can address the found unmet needs
  • We then developed scalable & adoptable ventures around proven technology driven value propositions
  • We launched and scaled those ventures through a outcomes focused support and a go-to market strategy that incorporated rapid commercialisation through pipeline build and rapid growth through optimal partners / channels.


We are helping unlock game changing business value by through needs driven acceleration of early quantum technologies across industries

Drug Discovery

  • We are accelerating the virtual design of drug candidates based on knowledge of the structure and characteristics of the biological targets.
  • This is done by identifying the right combination of molecular fragments to form a potentially new drug compound with the best possible characteristics to work with the biological target. There are an enormous number of possibilities for each biological target (i.e. more than the number of atoms in the universe) and the power of Quantum Technologies makes it possible to identify an optimal sub-set rapidly.
  • To make this possible, we found the application, developed the proposition, set up the capability partnership and are currently building the associated venture.

Steel Manufacturing

  • We are reducing the energy consumed and NOx emitted by steel manufacturing furnaces.
  • This is done by optimizing the ignition schedule of the burners in real time within the Digital Furnace to deliver expected heat demand. We use Quantum Technologies to find the optimal combination from1040 possibilities in the time required (under 1 minute).
  • To make this possible, we found the technology problem fit, developed the proposition, facilitated a paid PoC and are currently building the associated scaled venture.

Oil & Gas

  • We are helping companies manage their people more effectively by equipping them with the ability to dynamically optimize across projects & regions efficiently
  • We are allowing companies to consider their employee’s preferences, whilst scheduling such that there is the best match between skills & jobs within a set timeframe.
  • We are reducing travel requirements – often these projects have thousands of resources flown in from multiple regions / countries, but we are developing efficient schedules that minimize travel.

Financial Services

  • We are improving the health of financial institutions by reducing risk exposures
  • This is done by identifying the ‘worst case scenarios’ that would lead to a target loss to better inform risk mitigation strategies
  • These scenarios are made up of a combination of movements in asset prices (e.g. stock prices) – there are hundreds of thousands of stocks listed globally, and many thousand more assets such as bonds, options, etc.

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