Creation of a new organisation design methodology

Sia Partners UK supported our client with the creation of a new organisation design methodology to help them improve their internal capability. Find out more about our approach and the results...


Following an internal audit of organisation design projects that had been conducted across the business, our client, an Oil and Gas Super Major, concluded that there was lack of understanding around the best way to approach organisation design across several of its functions. The organisation design projects undertaken had been carried out inconsistently at varying levels of quality and therefore resulted in mixed outcomes and missed opportunities. There was also no process in place to capture the lessons learnt from each project which could be helpful for future organisation design projects.



Sia Partners UK supported our client with the creation of a structured Organisation Design Methodology including all the phases, steps and supporting detail for each phase and step. This included continuous improvements and project evaluation guidance.

We then converted this material into a master class training course and created and tested the course content and facilitator notes with key stakeholders and organisation design experts. Sia Partners UK ran the course globally, refining course materials based on feedback and making updates to the methodology where required.


We successfully improved consistency in the way that Organisation Design is delivered across the organisation by developing a consistent process and then training individuals on how to apply it. Feedback from the courses show that attendees saw the benefit of the process and training and the course consistently receives some of the highest ratings of any of the courses.

We increased the capability of staff to confidently undertake organisation design projects using the methodology and the understanding developed through the training. Feedback following the courses show that attendees have used the increased capability to lead or support organisation design projects across the organisation.

As a result of these courses we increased the confidence of staff to undertake organisation design projects. This has led to a reduction in the spend on external support.

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