Consultancy For Banks & The Financial Services Sector

Those of us who work in the Financial Services sector find the landscape materially different to 10 years ago.

We know that the next decade will be even more challenging. Brexit scenarios, new regulations, data protection, and even blockchain technology will change our world.

We can continue to expect changes in Business Models, Organisation Designs, Target Operating Models and technologies. In particular, we will see the structure and definition of a bank or an insurance company or any hybrid institution change to reflect what it is capable of doing with more of the increasingly specialist components being outsourced. As for regulation, risk management and the treatment of data all we can say is that there will still be plenty of room for the deeply technical to play.

Our Expertise

Sia Partners assists our clients in coping with these transformations in order to improve their competitive advantages, flexibility productivity and profitability. Our specialist areas are:
1. Strategic deployment
2. Financial performance
3. Business process optimization
4. Digital banking and IT services
5. Regulatory advice
6. Client augmentation

Our aim is to impress and experience has proven that we succeed.

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Financial Consulting Services

Here we set out a cross section of roles that we have performed in the last two years:

Investment Banking & Capital Markets
1. Operational efficiency F2B in all asset classes:

  • TOM design
  • Diagnosis of support functions
  • Offshoring/outsourcing, etc.

2. Regulatory change:

  • EU regulations (MiFID II / MiFIR, MAD / MAR, FCA thematic review Best Execution, EMIR, etc.)
  • US regulations (Dodd-Frank, Volcker Rule, etc.)
  • global (Margin requirements, BCBS239, Financial Security, AML, etc.)

Compliance & Regulatory Change
1. Regulation: assistance in the implementation / remediation of regulations across all business lines and support functions, from impact studies to implementation and change management
2. Know Your Customer: design or support KYC process evolution along with client management
Data Management
3. Review data governance, set up data management teams, develop of CDO functions, promote data culture awareness, review data architecture, data science, and data protection
4. Regulatory change:

  • BCBS 239
  • GDPR

5. Flexible / home working in banking
6. Set up of new digital teams/process
7. Digitise end-to-end process (EUCs / EUDA removal)
Finance & ALM
8. IT Systems / Process: accounting, ALM treasury, refinancing, controlling
9. Organisation and Governance
10. Method and Modelling: implementation of ALM, management of liquidity and refinancing, monitoring of profitability
11. Regulatory change:

  • LCR
  • AMM
  • NSFR
  • IFRS 9

Risk Management
12. Governance and organisation: 2nd & 3rd level of control (permanent control, audit, risk department), cascading and implementation process of procedures
13. IT Systems / Process: TOM definition, risk IT roadmap, P&L sign-off, data quality audit
14. Method and Modelling: design of rating / scoring model, stress testing, VAR / sVAR, CVA, P&L attribution
15. Regulatory change:

  • FRTB
  • Basel III / IV
  • Dodd-Frank
  • IHC
  • Volcker
  • Basel III

Legal Entity Optimisation & BREXIT
16. Design of Legal Entities’ TOMs: based on optimisation of strategic objectives and cost / benefit analysis of current business vs. new regulations
17. Transformation and Partnerships: due diligences, design and implementation of new organisations, etc.
Commercial Banking & Trade Finance
18. IT & Operational Efficiency: dedicated payment mapping, business needs analysis, implementation of optimisation software, increase of the reliability of processes, implementation of best practices in incident management
Retail Banking & Specialised Financial Services
19. Products and Services: set up cross-channel approaches, development of new packages, marketing campaigns, etc.
20. IT & Operational Efficiency
21. Regulatory change:

  • Basel II & III
  • MIF
  • Compliance review
  • Audits and control departments

Asset Management & Securities
22. Governance & charter: launch of new offers, European price-grid reviews
23. IT & Operational efficiency
24. Regulatory change:

  • MIF
  • T2S

Sia Partners UK are a refreshing change compared to many of the larger consulting firms I have worked with over the years. I would not hesitate to recommend Sia Partners UK and to consider future engagements

Business Unit Leader

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