The Transformation Hub

Sia Partners UK has developed a powerful and interactive Transformation Hub, consisting of six integrated toolkits. The Transformation Hub has been developed specifically with our clients in mind, to support them through the Transformation process.

The Transformation Hub provides clients with access to a set of detailed methodologies and a suite of proven tools and templates to help them design and implement successful transformation programmes. Each toolkit explains in detail the process a client needs to go through to carry out a successful business transformation and will provide them with all the resources they need to help along the way.

This Hub is an online portal developed using the in-depth knowledge and experience gained from working with a large number of clients on a wide array of specialist transformation projects. We know how to manage successful programmes, and our Transformation Hub will provide a platform through which we can share this knowledge with our clients.

Accessing the Transformation Hub

Our Transformation Hub addresses six areas of business transformation from Strategy to Programme Management, and there is a dedicated toolkit for each area. We sell licenses to the Transformation Hub in full or on a toolkit by toolkit basis. Generally our clients buy our consulting services alongside access to the portal. This helps them develop the skills and knowledge required to enhance their own internal capability and embed more efficient processes within their organisation.

The online portal has been designed with the specific requirements of our clients in mind. We offer consulting to our clients and with our Transformation Hub, we also offer capability. Our objective is to offer choice and to maximise the long term benefit our clients receive from working with Sia Partners UK.

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For one client, implementing the Organisation Design Toolkit within their organisation resulted in a ROI of approximately 350% in the first 40 weeks.

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