Programme & Project Management Consulting

We believe that successful project and programme management entails a skilful balancing act. No two companies are the same and each challenge is unique. That's why Sia Partners UK customises our approach and tools to suit each client.


What is Programme & Project Management?

Programme & Project Management (PPM) is about ensuring that projects and programmes deliver to time, cost, and quality. To do that, effective PPM will apply tailored approaches, tools, and methods to build internal capability, and will align activities and outcomes with project or programme requirements.

How does it help?

Projects and programmes, by definition, introduce large amounts of uncertainty, instability, and risk to an organisation. Not managed properly, these have the potential to derail your project, programme, or entire organisation. If you are currently facing any of the following challenges, you might benefit from improved project or programme management:

  • You are feeling the pain of programme and project failure but are not aware of the cause or how to fix the issue
  • The scope and objectives are unclear or poorly communicated due to the complex nature of your programme
  • Your project or programme is delivering high profile and urgent changes, causing your business to lose focus on its “business as usual” activities, or
  • A lack of standardisation across your programme means that it is difficult to assess the true status of the programme and its critical risks

Sia Partners UK can help you with this…

What is the method?

Our PPM toolkit brings together a range of activities and techniques to effectively manage projects and programmes (as well as portfolios). This helps to maximise the probability that they are completed on time and on budget and deliver the full set of intended benefits. We also draw on our extensive experience of working successfully on a wide variety of projects with a large number of different clients across different industries and geographies to provide expert guidance on the management of a broad suite of project management related challenges.

What is the impact of doing it right?

Structuring your projects and programmes in the right way will set them (and you) up for sustained success. Effective project and programme management could help you by:

  • Providing full visibility of your project’s or programme’s current status and potential interventions
  • Improving alignment between your business requirements and the project’s or programme’s objectives
  • Minimising your project and programme inefficiencies by effectively planning and communicating work, and
  • Providing you with a strong project and programme management foundation for any future initiatives





Sia Partners UK are a refreshing change compared to many of the larger consulting firms I have worked with over the years. I would not hesitate to recommend Sia Partners UK and to consider future engagements

Busines Unit Leader

What next?

Our PPM toolkit and its component parts are available for use by any organisation which undertakes projects and programmes of any scale and complexity. And it is equally applicable to the needs of a CEO or a junior team member. If you would like to know more about how we can help you, or to access our PPM toolkit, please call us on +44 20 7933 9333.

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