PMO – Project Management Office Consultants

The PMO sits at the heart of any programme or project. At Sia Partners UK, we understand that each organisation, team, transformation and project is different. Therefore we focus on creating a PMO that adds real value to the project and business.

What is a PMO?

A PMO sits at the heart of a programme or project. It ensures that good practices are established and implemented, standards, policies and methods are applied and leaders get the right level of insight, control and efficiency to deliver the outcomes they want. Getting it right is a balancing act. It requires skill and expertise to make sure the PMO is not too strong nor too weak.


How does it help?

A good PMO is about building robustness and assurance into delivery, by putting in place an effective structure aligned to your business’s requirements. You might benefit from an improved PMO if you are currently facing any of the following challenges:

  • It is hard to get a clear or up-to-date picture of project progress
  • The project is being delayed because of dependencies and contentions with other initiatives and insufficient resources
  • Programme governance is unclear or inconsistent across the programme, or
  • There is a lack of standardisation across the programme and a failure to transfer learning from one initiative to another

Sia Partners UK can help you build a strong PMO to overcome these challenges.

What is the method?

Our PMO toolkit incorporates a distinctive range of different tools setting out best practices and provides expert guidance on a broad suite of project management related challenges. Our approach to PMO involves the application of a core set of tools and techniques in a flexible and adaptive way, tailored to your specific needs. We draw on our extensive experience of working successfully on a wide variety of projects with a large number of different clients across different industries and geographies.

What is the impact of doing it right?

A good PMO is about building robustness and assurance into delivery, by putting in place an effective structure which is aligned with the businesses requirements and the initiative they are undertaking. A more structured approach will benefit everyone from the CEO to a junior team member, and may help you by:

  • Providing full visibility of the programme’s current status and potential interventions
  • Customising a suite of processes and tools that are tailored to your and your programme’s needs
  • Minimising inefficiencies, as work is effectively planned and monitored, and
  • Providing a strong project or programme management foundation for any future initiatives






My experience with Sia Partners UK over the last 10 months has been extremely positive, and in particular their agility, common sense and a very focused approach to getting the job done has delivered excellent business outcomes efficiently and on time.

Business Unit Leader

What next?

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, or to access our PMO toolkit, please call us on +44 20 7933 9333.

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