Organisational Design & Development

Done well, organisation design can enhance business performance by aligning a business' structure and people to its strategy. Sia Partners UK helps our clients implement effective organisation design to improve their long term success.

What is organisation design?

Put most simply, good organisation design is about structuring your entire organisation (or individual functions or business units) so it supports the delivery of strategy and performance targets. This means having the right capabilities and clear accountabilities for senior leaders as well as clear responsibilities for all staff and teams. It means creating a consistent understanding about how reporting lines and cross-functional teams work in a particular business, and facilitating effective teamwork and information flows across the organisation. And it also means aligning structure, roles and accountabilities to other, interconnected elements of your operating model, including processes, data, IT, governance, performance measures, and culture.

How does it help?

Our clients face many challenges that require thought and action in the area of organisation design. These often result in their organisation structure, roles, and accountabilities being changed or re-aligned across the whole business or within significant functions or business units. Typical and frequent triggers for such organisation design projects include:

  • You have identified that you require new or enhanced capabilities in order to deliver on your strategy
  • You are implementing a new operating model or technology platform and so your organisation design must change accordingly;
  • Your organisation is going through a merger or acquisition or has grown rapidly (e.g. entered new geographies)
  • Your organisation needs to re-align its capabilities to improve your performance in the marketplace
  • You have identified that you must reduce your operating costs and overheads
  • There has been a change in the external environment which has disrupted your business (e.g. new regulations), or
  • Your function needs to conform to a new group-wide organisational blueprint

Whichever it is, it is imperative the organisation design is done well, and Sia Partners UK can help you achieve this. A poorly executed organisation design project can be more harmful than doing nothing at all. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that such projects can bring a tangible dip in performance.

What is the method?

Our method has been developed based on our experience of over 100 organisation design projects across different sectors. And it has been assessed by independent experts as representing best practice in this important field. We want your organisation design projects to be successful, and we believe our method and toolkit significantly increases the probability that they will.

The method itself is a proven, repeatable approach to redesigning organisations of any scale or complexity. It contains over 50 proven organisation design tools, sample deliverables, and templates along with guidance on delivering each step of the method. There are also relevant organisation design experiences, blogs, insights, and tips on organisation design from our expert practitioners.

What is the benefit of doing it right?

Our approach to organisation design can help you to:

  • Enhance business performance by aligning your structure and people to your strategy, looking at your organisation and understanding what changes would make it perform better – and then delivering those changes
  • Strip out unnecessary organisational complexity, role ambiguity, and simplify your work processes to develop more effective organisation units, improve cross-functional working, and reduce costs
  • Streamline your decision making processes to clarify accountability and improve responsiveness and agility
  • Apply our experience in project, talent, and change management to support the transition to your new organisation, or
  • Embed organisation design capability within your team through knowledge transfer and the design of a fit for purpose approach based on our IP



All consultants provided by Sia Partners UK were highly professional, delivery and customer oriented and pleasant to work with. I was very happy with the services provided.

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What next?

We have helped many clients, across most industries, realise the benefits of restructuring their organisation.  If you would like to know more about how we can help you, or to access our organisation design toolkit, please call us on +44 20 7933 9333.

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