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An inspiring strategy is the very least an Executive Team owes its customers, investors, and workers. Sia Partners UK helps our clients develop and implement these strategies and ensure that all management and staff are committed to them.

What is a strategy?

A strategy can look inward, look outward, be small, or be huge; it depends on your needs and there are no hard and fast rules. A strategy is a powerful narrative that responds to market developments and sets a compelling direction for your organisation. It establishes a clear set of priorities that are customer-centric; refers to technology, data, and priority markets; and generates profits and value.

A different way of thinking about a strategy is that it is a flag that everyone in the organisation salutes. 


How does it help?

A strategy not only sets a clear direction for your organisation, but also defines a realistic roadmap to get you there. That roadmap will be engaging and energising, something that your management teams and staff are excited by and will commit to. You might benefit from a new strategy if you are currently facing any of the following challenges:

  • You have insightful market analysis but no process to turn these insights into a compelling and engaging strategy for your organisation
  • There is no clear approach to engaging your management, resulting in patchy support across your senior team
  • You have developed a beautiful strategy but it sits on a shelf with no clear implementation and communications plan
  • You have rolled out a new strategy but there are no mechanisms in place to ensure that progress is tracked and an enduring update process exists
  • There is no clear framework and process to review your operating model and organisational design consequences

Sia Partners UK can help you review and update your strategy, to ensure it re-focuses and re-energises your business.

What is the method?

We have developed a powerful set of frameworks, tools, dashboards and processes to take you on a journey to develop your strategy. This journey starts at the initial mobilisation and engagement required for any new strategy before moving into the development of unconstrained ideas and the uncovering of key strategic themes. Finally, a detailed strategy and its accompanying, sustaining processes are implemented within your organisation.

What is the impact of doing it right?

While laying out a roadmap for achieving goals, a good strategy can also succinctly articulate your core purpose. For example, BP seeks to provide energy to the global market, and Pentland Brands aims to “build a family of brands for the world to love, generation after generation”. Whatever your core purpose, a strategy can help you by:

  • Creating an aspirational statement that you and your organisation can love and live by
  • Allowing all your staff to understand their contribution to your organisation’s success
  • Creating clarity, rationally and emotionally, to mobilise your talent against your biggest opportunities, and
  • Achieving clarity on your capabilities, both now and in the future






All consultants provided by Sia Partners UK were highly professional, delivery and customer oriented and pleasant to work with. I was very happy with the services provided.

Head of Change Management

What next?

A new strategy can re-energise and re-focus an organisation of any size. If you would like to know more about how we can help you, or to access our strategy toolkit, please call us on +44 20 7933 9333.

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