Business Transformation Services - We can help transform your business.

We work with the world’s best businesses to help them implement complex organisational change.

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How can we help your business?

Our business transformation consultants are experts in helping clients design and implement sustainable solutions that deliver their strategic goals. As part of our business transformation service, we use a complete set of business transformation tools to help clients plan, prepare and successfully execute transformation programmes – this is our online interactive Transformation Hub.

The core transformation services we assist with

Our six core transformation services are: Business Strategy, Operating Model, Organisation Design, Change Management, PMO and Programme Management.

Within each of our six core areas we have experienced consultants with specialist expertise and a proven track record of successfully delivering client outcomes. Transformation consulting is all about the people and that is why we pride ourselves in our ability to attract top quality transformation consultants to our team who focus on adding value to the client, transferring knowledge and embedding processes.


Our goal is to help our clients make better strategic choices. With our best practice business strategy consulting services, we help clients uncover new growth opportunities, generate innovative ideas and define actionable steps to translate the chosen strategy into reality. Our team of business strategy consultants are experts across the key components of strategy development. We ensure that strategic options are supported by data, rooted in insights and deliver sustainable outcomes.

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Business Consulting Services - Transformation Consulting

Sia Partners is more than a traditional consulting firm. As a pioneer of consulting 4.0, we work with our clients to help them unlock value from their people, processes, technology and data resulting in higher performance and sustained business growth. We become an integral part of our clients’ businesses, helping them build their internal capability, achieve greater efficiency and create an environment that adapts rapidly to changes.

Our Story

Operating from a London-base, Sia Partners UK is focused on business transformation consultancy services in Financial Services, Industrial and Energy markets and has built up an impressive track record and reputation. Sia Partners UK has developed high quality, repeatable services in six core areas which are delivered using proprietary IP, proven and best-in-class methodologies and packages that are easy for clients to buy. This has enabled the development of strong, long-term partnerships with global clients who are highly satisfied with the differentiated services we provide.

Sia Partners UK hires experienced consultants, data scientists and analysts. We are management consultants, data scientists, futurologists and IT professionals. Our senior employees have proven industry experience and are highly sought after. Coupled with an extensive pool of valued Associates, Sia Partners UK can react rapidly to fulfill opportunities at a pace our competitors cannot match.

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